[LS1255S7] Kerseboom Fringe Chandelier - medium [New]

[LS1255S7] Kerseboom Fringe Chandelier - medium [New]

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    • Dimensions: 34.5-67'' H x 74'' W x 12'' D
    • Bulb: G4 (LED) 7*3W included (Partial Assembly Required)
    • Cord Length: 78.7402''
    • Shade Size: 2Pcs Glass -Dia 90 Mm 3Pcs Glass -Dia 110 Mm 2Pcs Glass -Dia 130 Mm Body Size: 74.0" L X 12.2" W X 23.6 H
    • Base/Canopy Size: Dia 160*40 mm
    • Switch: No Switch
    • Weight: 14 lbs
    • Materials: Carbon Steel, Copper, Glass, Aluminium Alloy

This stunning chandelier is guaranteed to add a dramatic flair to any room. Supported from the ceiling a long rod branches across the space, with shimmering waterfalls of chain fringe hanging down. Clusters of frosted white glass globes, each containing a 3 watt LED bulb, provide ambient illumination, and allow the fringe to really shine. This sculptural piece would be an eye-catching addition to any contemporary decor. Available with 4, 7, or 11 globes.

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